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WOW! I’ve Never Seen That Before!

We love to hear these words, so much that we have purchased three more large apparatuses we found, gently pre loved, as is our custom for sustainability. We now have two Lollipop poles, two Champagne Dresses and a refreshed aerial rig all ready to go! The virtue of two is framing a set or actualizing a bigger stage.

If you love things in large groups or more doses of two, we just improved our two living vine stilt walkers, two LED Robot Suit

s, and two Champagne aerial apparatuses.

For that once in a lifetime moment, something no one else will see, how about new drone choreography teams? Both mini planes and actual drones, that can do full 10 minute choreographed routines to create corporate logos or airshows in smaller spaces than a full airshow would require. Squirrel suit teams that have worked with large commercials to move mountains, or get as daringly close as possible.

Snow Globes are often created using the water sphere bubbles, but how about an actual, real life snow globe? Oversized, fantastic for those instagram moments, our living snowglobe poses fresh with real-looking snow, and a beautiful dancer greeting the guests as they enter. Or establishes atmosphere in the center of your elegant decor.

LED’s have become the main attraction, and we have them! LED Robot suits, LED Space gogo’s, LED Wings, LED Cyrwheel performers, LED Stage show, LED Chair stacking. LED robot drum team pours rhythm through your soul, igniting your senses. LED Stilt walkers combine sight and movement together into one fun mashup on the dance floor. LED unicycles fly in circles springing light into action. Trickers move at almost the speed of light, creating blurs or superhuman imposed images.

What is your dream? Your vision? Your epic WOW moment?

How can we work with you to supersede your expectations?


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