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Connecting wonder to the real world

Angel Griffin lady boss

About The Owner

Angel Griffin is a world Champion Swing dancer, US Champion Salsa dancer, Guinness World Record and Black Belt Holder, with boundless energy and a desire to create mesmerizing entertainment. She fell in love with performing arts after college, teaching high flying acrobatic lifts for Swing Dancers internationally. Once she received her title, transitioning to circus seemed only natural as the next Big Challenge. Married to another circus performer (trampwall, high diving, stunt inline skate, ninja warrior, cheer) she started her company with the scheme to create epic memories, stunning displays and oodles of joy for thousands. Firestorm Talent's mission is to provide world class performers with world class representation to match. Not only taking the hassle out of booking themselves for gigs, but also guaranteeing quality entertainment and entertainers for our clients and their events.

The company was founded with ideals of Sustainability, Equality for All, and Inspiring the Community. Belief the Earth is Ours and that The Future is Now is embedded into how costumes are put together, the company sources materials and creating future proof ways to recycle.  The company strives to put focus on the resources being ours now, not just saving them for our next generation, but creating epic costumes with what we already have and recycling materials already in stock.  We strive for equal opportunities for all the performers, pushing for the "best performer" over a specific race or gender, and will give you the BEST!  Firestorm Talent is a sister company to Firestorm Freerunning. With this partnership, together we provide opportunities for students of the arts to work alongside professionals at epic events, giving them a chance to shine, and Inspiring them to be the Hero of their Own Story.

About Us

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