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Why Do Leprechauns Represent Saint Patrick’s Day?

Every March 17th is a day when the Irish people come together to commemorate Saint Patrick, the chief patron saint of Ireland, who lived between 385 and 461 AD. Saint Patrick’s Day officially became a Christian holiday in Ireland in the 17th century and is observed by numerous churches in the country including the Catholic, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox and Lutheran churches.

Over and beyond celebrating the life of Saint Patrick, this day also commemorates the coming of Christianity in the country as well as the general culture of the Irish people. The day is also celebrated internationally by the Irish people in the diaspora. The feast basically involves public festivals, parades and performances by the playful leprechauns, who are usually dressed in green costume or shamrocks. In fact, for most Irish people, both at home and abroad, Saint Patrick’s Day is the day to wear green.

Who Are Leprechauns?

The Leprechauns are popular Irish fairies that have become the main symbol of Saint Patrick’s Day, not just in Ireland but in other parts of the globe where Irish people reside. Their green attire represents the shamrock, a three-leaved plant, that Saint Patrick used to explain the holy trinity to the Irish pagans.

But according to some Irish legends, leprechauns didn’t wear green costumes initially. They are said to have worn a red square-cut coat laced with gold, raised hat, and buckled shoes. The decision to wear green costumes on this special day was made in the 20th century when the color became the shorthand for everything Irish.

Why Are Leprechauns So Popular?

First of all, these mythical creatures are often associated with good luck, wealth and happiness in spite of the fact that they are said to be humble cobblers and shoemakers. They are also believed to own pots of gold that are often found at the end of the rainbow. These pots are hidden in secret locations that the leprechauns are not willing to disclose not unless they feel threatened.

Anyone who is lucky enough to capture a leprechaun with the aim of stealing his treasure can easily get a chance to make three wishes in exchange for leprechaun’s freedom and wealth. No wonder these characters have become so common among people who would like to become rich quickly. That’s why they are also being incorporated into many Irish comedies and movies.

But in other folklores, leprechauns are portrayed as unscrupulous tricksters who can never be trusted. They can easily deceive in order to get out of any difficult situation. In essence, these fairies were meant to offer morality tale figures whose myths warned against the stupidity of trying to become rich instantly, steal or interfere with magical creatures.

It is also alleged that leprechauns are cursed. If a person sees a leprechaun and keeps their eyes locked on him, he is unable to escape from their clutches. The lucky person can even force him to disclose where he is hiding his prized pots of gold in exchange for his freedom.

If you are planning to host a party this Saint Patrick’s day, you should consider incorporating one or two leprechauns into your entertainment schedule. It’s even more fitting if you have Irish guests because it will make them feel right at home. It is also a perfect way to customize your entertainment to ensure it meets your guests’ needs.

The good news is that you can now hire some of the most qualified leprechauns for your Saint Patrick’s day celebrations from Firestorm Talent & Entertainment. We have a wide range of experienced artists dedicated to making every event fun and memorable.


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