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Who wants to party like the 1920's!?

By: Angel Griffin

a group of girls in 1920s attire at a party
great gatsby murder mystery party

All we needed was 100 years. 100 years to recreate the roaring 1920 's. Even down to a world plague. If History repreats itself, right now is the time to Party!

At Firestorm Talent and Entertainment, we relish the thought of custom producing out of this world experiences. Especially from the era of The Great Gatsby. Oppulence, Money, Gold, Lavish meal prep, epic performances. All of these things fill our soul with happiness.

We just completed a 15 person completely balls to the wall Murder Mystery party for acrobats.

Starting with a tunnel the guests had to crawl through, our "portal through time". Only to be greeted as they stood up by the hst herself, dolled out in a gorgeous champagne dress. "Welcome Darling, to my birthday!!" It was especially funny for the host, who liked to dick around with her friends and wanted them to crawl while in highly elegant attire. Think "Babylon" level Mind Games. This set the mood for the entire party. The guests knew, this was not going to be your standard Boxed Murder Mystery. This was going to involve people getting real blood on them.

actress plays dead for a murder ystery in orange county
1920s themed murder mystery party

The food was all prepared to be in theme, a glorious World where Traveling for the rich was a consistent expectation. Asian grilled noodles with pickles, ginger, half boild marinated eggs, and a lusious dessert of Berry Sherbert. Appetizers of hand prepared Quail eggs and cucumber tea sandwiches. Red Beet Hummus with gold drizzel. All with a Dietary restriction list to make every house wife quake. Peanut Allergy, Shellfish Allergy (there goes the Shirmp Cocktail), Fod map, No beef, Pescatarian, Vegan, No dairy...the only thing not on the list was Celiac. Thank God.

The story was written by Jeff, a good friend of the group and Agathy Christy Connosueir. He managed to give each of the 14 Character's a motive, as well as include two deaths. Along with a stunt woman red Herring who, while the group went out to do group photos on the roof (providing time to create the scrumptious Desserts, but all unexpectedly cold) had in that moment her time to shine creating a trip death experience where the guests could not tell if it was part of the story or a real accident. She came alive again only after the guests had returned into the house and surprised them 5 minutes later. Turns out her Character was a diety of the stolen items, and she could not die. The perfect role for a stunt woman.

The list goes on. The poisoned suspect being found out by the doctor who could create Green fire, the Phsychic with the magic knife that roared and an affinity towards talisman. The Priest who was sectretly gay. And of course, the murder. But which one, through all their motives, won out?

For a night of 15 friends, and a months worth of planning everything from the boxed Invitations with the invisible ink phone number inside the bullet, to the death of the main character using vampire blood capsules. The entire night was custom planned by Firestorm Talent. The guests had a 3 hour window to play the Very Physical and lively game as well as get fed and solve the murder.

For the small group, complex complete experiences. Trust us with your guests. They won't know what hit them.

friends point at stunt woman's dead body during murder mystery
unusual murder mystery for acrobats involves a stunt woman dying on the roof


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