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Virtual Events Contribute to Sustainability

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

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virtual event experiennce

Virtual events can have many advantages, reducing carbon impact, eliminating food waste, and reducing paper waste.

In the build-up to World Environment Day on June 5, we look at how virtual events accomplish the task of curtailing the environmental impact large events can have on the earth's resources. Including some do’s or don'ts of what may have real world impact.

Reducing Carbon Impact

By taking an event virtual, the majority of guests watching the live or pre programmed feed can do it from the comfort of their home. Reducing the need for Catering including the waste left over from uneaten meals, or the necessary clean up of unwashed dishes. The staffing required to run the catering and the travel and weight of the product.

This also reduces the amount of travel done by a large population endeavoring to all get to the same place at the same time. Reducing traffic, back pain from sitting in a car, stress from hunting for parking and headaches from navigating in unfamiliar areas.

At many events the sheer amount of flyers produced will be eliminated just by going virtual, even with hybrid events. However, purchasing updated equipment for a one time event will generally do the opposite, so weigh in on your choices for that new laptop or iPad. Will you use it often or is it just to save paper for this one event?

If you choose to have a hybrid sustainability event, keep in mind that even the apps available may create a larger carbon footprint from lack of understanding, and make sure to test them before they go live.

Firestorm Talent and Entertainment has access to our own warehouse, with stage setup, LCD back screen, full lighting system, and stage curtain. In addition we have the capability to create complete fire shows, inside without worrying about sprinkler systems or permits! The drone footage allows us to create epic slow mo. shots. And there are pre recorded or customizable performance options including full dance teams or LED tool shows.

For large corporate Virtual Shows, we are completely equipped to handle virtual entertainment.


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