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The Corporate Event Must Go On But Only If My Squad is Here

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

village of stilt walkers for a product reveal
Leafy green forest stilt walkers

A party planner ultimately learns from other’s successes and failures. Maybe they attended a party where cupcakes were a hit and another where the cake was an unnecessary mess, thus the party-thrower might pick out cupcakes for their own party. Maybe they attended a party where an aerialist was performing and they noticed that the other party-goers were as enthralled as they were so they decide to hire an aerialist for their Corporate event.

The party-thrower does their online due-diligence, looking for the best price with the best performance history with the best reviews. As they start calling to find out about pricing, suddenly they think they are being taken for all their party budget. It’s one cirque performer with some fabric for an hour, why is the price so high?!

It isn’t just one cirque performer with some fabric for an hour. Aerialists usually need to work with hotels or venues to get proper permits or approvals to set up their rigging. The rigging itself can’t be set up by one person and requires some riggers to come in and ensure the safety of the aerialists as the rigging needs to be have a rigging point that holds a minimum of 1,000 pounds!

But maybe an aerialist isn’t for you. Maybe you want a fire breather or a fire dancer, something exciting to create shock and awe in your guests! Once again, you’re a little surprised by the price. You know that gas prices are going up but not that much! Performers who work with fire have to meet with the owner of the venue, work with fire marshals, get permits, and get supplies for the unique performance they blocked and choreographed just for you. That all happens before they even show up in their costumes to wow your guests.

Stilt walkers need handlers. Stunt people need hidden crash pads. Your party or event is of the utmost importance to the Firestorm Talent Team. We know how important it is that your guests leave with a feeling of satisfaction and just a little bit of jealousy. That satisfaction (and jealousy) won’t happen if the talent you hire for your event doesn’t take proper safety precautions and there’s an accident. However, chances are if your talent agency takes safety seriously those accidents won’t happen.

As you’re reading this, imagine the perfect, romantic date. Maybe you’re a Nicholas Sparks’ character and your perfect date consists of a sun-bronzed hunk and a pale, thin heroine with a dark past. Maybe you’re a superhero and your date is strong and agile, willing to climb mountains or jump out of a plane on a first date. Maybe you enjoy a nice meal, a movie, a walk, a chess game, a tea…whatever. All these perfect dates you’re imagining come with an idealized perfect partner dressed for the occasion, right? You wouldn’t expect your sun-bronzed hunk to show up in a tux for a date to the aquarium the same way you wouldn’t expect your new lady to appear in a bikini for a candle lit dinner in the mountains.

Dressing for any occasion can bring out a different sense of wonder. It’s a first impression that changes the entire atmosphere of a venue or event. When you hire a contortionist, you expect said contortionist to show up in something as flexible as them. If they show up in a sundress, the illusion would be broken. A clown couldn’t show up without make up the same way a fire breather wouldn’t show up in anything other than the cotton clothing necessary to make their performance as hot as possible.

Stilt walkers have to make their costumes themselves, fitting their costume to a performance as well as their body so clients can be enamored with their display. The same way that dressing yourself for an important date, an interview, the first day of school changes how the world perceives you, dressing for each role adds a unique print on the performance itself. A performance may be dazzling, but unless the costuming ties in, can the audience really be transported away from reality and into this other world that the performers are attempting to create?

We at Firestorm Entertainment take great pride in our performers’ abilities to dive into a character with enthusiasm. They create their costumes with care and attention to detail so no matter what angle their audience looks from, all they see is magic. Whether they’re hopping around as an Easter Bunny, stumbling around as Ted the Bear, drawing pistols during a Wild Wild West show, or spewing fire; our performers ensure that their costumed performance takes you and them to the next level.


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