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The Ever-pressing Covid Variants

Welcome Back!

The world is constantly changing and New variants of the Corona Virus keep popping up, meaning event plans keep changing and Flexibility is Key!

We at Firestorm Talent & Entertainment have made it through the last two years with a collection of very important values.

  1. Remain Flexible - We adhere to a strict late cancellation policy. Anything up until 3 days before is cancelable if due to a Covid related issue.

  2. Pay our performers - even with the cancellations, we respect our performers and pay out a stipend if there is a last minute cancellation that is not their fault if we can. This is one way we have been able to maintain our relationships with the performers.

  3. Have FUN - we are a party company! This means we need to keep understanding high and encourage bursts of happiness everywhere we go!

Through the times feeling like unprecedented-becoming-standard, we have been prepared for every situation. We refer vaccinated performers, use masks in High Social situations, created social distancing policies to keep up with CDC standards and use quality sanitizer to make for consistently safe programs while keeping Entertainment and Safety a priority. Your guests can count on our performers bouncing them out of the grey world into a fantastic world of color, energy, astonishment and wonder. We are proud to keep our ethics in line with all state, county and federal requirements. And can make you forget Covid might be a thing. Our ability to generate ridiculous amounts of happiness in short spurts of time, ingraining hope and imaginations with epic tales and magical moments is what has sustained us through the creative struggle that is a lockdown.

As requirements, safety guidelines and opinions and science grow and shift, we will be there to support you through every change. Creating stress free events with open honesty, malleable requirements, understanding and communication. We are here for you.


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