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The Entertainment Industry Must Lead The Green Revolution

Everything in our lives is turning digital, and we are starting to recognize the negative impact that digital can have on our minds as well as the environment. For example, Carbon Trust recently reported that streaming just one hour of the newest binge-worthy TV show requires the same amount of energy as boiling a kettle for six minutes. Consumers and businesses are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and we are striving to be the leaders. What happens behind the scenes of an event, is just as important as on the screen.

Innovation in a wide application of predictive analytics, neural networks and custom algorithms has revolutionized these traditionally relationship-based marketing functions — delivering results and unlocking monetization opportunities for creators and brands.

We need to dedicate time and talent to building more green, sustainable, accessible events. That isn’t as easy of a task as it sounds, but it’s imperative for driving our industry forward while protecting our environment, especially as we face a growing climate crisis.

Use Less, Accomplish More

We’re at a turning point where we can’t be irresponsible with the tools we’re utilizing just to say that we have the best, most organic deliverables. Instead, the onus is on us to determine how we can produce better outcomes while dramatically reducing the equipment we’re using in our daily work. Although that sounds counterintuitive, more sustainable algorithms and models are actually more impactful, driving stronger output more quickly, all while reducing the resources required to run the designs.

Break it Down: The Future Frontier

At Firestorm Talent, our first step toward green is to build small pieces that can be manipulated or swapped out for others, thereby creating modules of art that are reusable. We’ve focused on creating environmentally-friendly costumes, and we’re already seeing breakthroughs in reducing the amount of materials and waste we are producing. With an increased focus on creating more sustainable, green artwork, we expect to develop even more innovative models that cut down on the costs of tools — both environmental and monetary.

We have an opportunity to excel at being creative while protecting the Earth’s resources. We are running with it.


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