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Slack Line Performance for an Epic Wedding

When two people are in love, there is never a better way to demonstrate their commitment and love than hosting an epic wedding. Planning a wedding is not a one day affair; it takes months of planning and preparation. Couples have to be creative and seek the best ways to make the event memorable. One amazing way to make this big day a success is to hire the best wedding entertainers near you.

Entertainment is an integral part of any wedding event and therefore you have to go for the best entertainers. This has to be a professional entertainer or a company that has been in the entertainment industry long enough to understand what wedding entertainment entails. At Firestorm Talent & Entertainment, you can expect the best entertainment for your guests.

We guarantee every couple a one of a kind wedding reception performance that will make the whole event memorable. The best part of a wedding reception is the surprise piece of entertainment that guests don’t see coming. Couples who want to give their guests treasured moments should definitely try our special circus performances.   

Why we are the Best in Wedding Entertainment

We recently had the opportunity to host an amazing wedding in Irvine, CA.  Entertaining guests at such an impressive wedding has always been our desire. Being an event entertainment company that has been in the market for many years, we know what is needed to make every wedding event successful. We have been entertaining guests at different wedding events in America and we’ve never disappointed.

For this wedding, we picked the best acts and ensured that everyone, including the guests and the couple, was fully entertained. It was an amazing event that left many people amazed at how simple acts can have such an immense effect on a wedding reception. We had already discussed with the couple the most ideal wedding theme and makeup, and they had requested for an all-white clean look and cirque themed makeup. Therefore, we made sure that our costumes, makeup and props were all in line with the wedding décor and everything else that related to the wedding’s theme.  Here are some of the considerations we made with regard to the wedding theme.

  • The wedding arrangement

Before we provide any wedding entertainment services, we visit the venue to familiarize ourselves with the wedding arrangement. That way, we are able to know what is required to make our performances outstanding. We can’t just wake up and head to the wedding venue on the D-day. It is important for our entertainers to familiarize themselves with the venue and its setup so that they can deliver cutthroat performances.

So, our first task was to tour the venue and internalize every bit of it. We even had to conduct some rehearsals there just to be sure that whatever we were planning to offer would work. With all these preparations, we were confident that the event was going to be fun.

  • Rigging

We know how crucial rigging is to any wedding occasion. For this wedding, we knew that the couple was only interested in an all-white clean look and cirque themed makeup. Therefore, we ensured that every performance item we chose for this event blended well with the rigging setup. Some of the rigging items we considered most included the wedding decor, lights and the performance stage.  Our performances were therefore tailored to the rigging setup and the main theme of the occasion.

  • Our costume and makeup choice

We were very considerate when choosing the wedding costume and makeup. We went for a costume that will fit the needs of our client and the theme of the wedding. An all-white clean look and a cirque themed makeup made our actors look like they had been part of the team that planned the wedding. They blended in perfectly, leaving all the guests and the couple in awe.

All this became possible thanks to our dedicated team of professionals, who sat down with the couple to share the various costume and makeup ideas. This enabled us to exchange dress code ideas with our clients and ensured the costumes were perfect for their big day. The choice of makeup gave the entire event the glamour we had all anticipated.  

  • Reception performances

When it came to choosing the right wedding performances, we can proudly say that we are the best. We never want to fail at any given moment. For this particular wedding therefore, we ensured that the entertainment session carried the day. To wow the guests and the couple, we organized the following epic wedding performances:

  • Fire dancing

Fire dancing was a great delight for the guests and the couple. With our well trained and highly experienced actors, we were pretty confident that everyone at the wedding reception would love it.  Our fire dancers performed different acts including fire eating, fire breathing, fire juggling, etc.

  • Circus dance

The artists we chose for this act exhibited great experience and skill. These included tightrope walkers, jugglers, magicians, musicians, dancers, and acrobats. We made sure that the circus performance was very distinctive and we spared enough time and space for these acts so that every actor could perform optimally.

  • Slackline Performance

Our final and most important act was the slackline performance. Our actors made sure that all guests enjoyed every bit of it. These acts included back flips, incredible balancing, hunker down, and many others. This performance is one of the latest circus acts that are taking wedding entertainment to a whole new level. The client was so impressed by this performance that he promised to hire us next time. This is what he told us:

“Wow, you all are INCREDIBLE! I wanted to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your time, talent, teamwork and professionalism to ensure Rashi & Hiren had an amazing event.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We look forward to working with you all again, very soon.”

If you are in America and would like to hire the best wedding entertainers, don’t hesitate to talk to us. At Firestorm Talent & Entertainment, we are here for you. We have been in this industry long enough to know what every wedding requires with regard to entertainment.

Our team of experienced entertainers will work round the clock to ensure that you get the exact kind of entertainment you desire. All you need to do is to get in touch with us as soon as possible and we will make your wedding unforgettable.


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