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Service Champions Staff Wowed by Our Breathtaking Stunts at Corporate LED Event Party

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Service Champions, a prominent heating and air conditioning contractor in Brea, California, decided to celebrate its employees on Saturday night at the Marriott Hotel in Anaheim, CA, and Firestorm Talent & Entertainment was at the center of the event, delivering incredible entertainment to the guests.

For the third year in a row, the company accorded us the honor of entertaining its staff at the party, and as usual we rose to the occasion, ensuring every guest had more fun than they had possibly anticipated. Our team ensured every performance spoke directly to the audience, showcasing incredible feats and gifts, all of which were unique and extremely captivating.  

Service Champions understands that celebrating and rewarding employees with an amazing corporate event party is an essential part of building a good working relationship with its staff and nurturing loyalty to the company. Throwing a memorable corporate event once in a while also boosts the company’s reputation through a positive word of-mouth from employees.

But for such an event to be successful, everything has to be just perfect, especially the entertainment aspect of it. You may possibly pick the best venue and serve the best food and drinks but if the entertainment misses the mark, the whole event nose-dives.  That’s why Service Champions trusts us to deliver unforgettable entertainment to its personnel.  

On Friday, we presented a wide range of entertainment genres including stilt walking, magic, LED dancing, and duo cyr acting. Each of these acts were performed by professional actors who have perfected their own inimitable styles tailor-made to provide an amazing spectacle that wouldn’t fail to “wow” the guests.

Amazing LED Performance

Our LED performance was magnificent to watch and made a great alternative to fire. It was extremely versatile and captivating. No other glow act would have suited the special event party better than the LED dance. It offered entertainment with a distinctive aesthetic. Set within a great ambience, the freestyle LED performance added a special ambient movement, color and lighting to the venue, leaving the audience fully amused.

led hula hoop performer preparing to act in Los Angeles
led hula hoop perfomer getting ready

Our LED Artist performing at the event

The two LED dancers performed in a free-flowing style while employing multiple dazzling circus props to create a special effect. They also combined music, lighting and movement to enthrall and daze the onlookers.  The 10-minute set no doubt left everyone impressed.  Our LED performances are always the best. With advanced microcontrollers and high-grade LEDs, we have crafted visual props that paint patterns in the air, allowing us to customize the company’s celebratory messages and deliver special displays that never fail to raise cheers.

Then we had two winged stilt walkers who were conspicuously standing tall as they walked above the guests and interacted with the enchanted onlookers. As always, our stilt walkers left the guests astounded with their unique, professional and immensely entertaining theatrical performances, including hula hooping, stilt acrobatics, juggling, clowning, and many more.  

Each of our stilt walkers is fully trained and highly experienced at what they do. They have been performing at various events, including corporate events, weddings, private parties, festivals, and many others. The most amazing thing about our stilt walkers is that their performances are tailor-made to suit different clusters of audiences. So, whether you are planning to host an adults-only event or a children’s party, we have the exact kind of stilt walkers you need.

Our stilt walkers know how to dress up for the occasion. Their outfits and makeup are designed to reflect the theme of the event, thus bringing joy and professionalism to the party. Our main objective is to bring every party to life.

Enthralling Magic Tricks

Service Champions wanted a form of entertainment that would truly fascinate and amuse its employees as they bonded. That’s why we decided to include a magician as part of the package.  The magician made sure every guest felt like they were part of the party’s fun highlights as he interacted with the audience throughout the show. There were some extremely intense and unforgettable moments as the magician performed some shocking tricks, keeping the audience thrilled and trying to figure out how he did it.

We are absolutely certain that many of those tricks will continue to provoke the guests’ thoughts for a long time. Our magicians make every event memorable by letting the audience be part of the magic tricks, and we believe this helps to measure the event’s ultimate success. They also endeavor to present highly innovative and authentic tricks, most of which have never been performed elsewhere.

Unparalleled Cyr Act Duo

It was quite electrifying to watch our stunning cyr act duo bring everything at the party to a standstill with their stunning performance. Their daring acrobatic balances, lifts, and hypnotic spinning on the wheel were truly delightful to watch.  They also kept the audience guesstimating their sensual and obsessive story of love.

The cyr act was mainly about an evocative story of love and struggle for dominance, performed beautifully in front of a delighted audience in a highly seductive way. Our cyr act duo has been performing at wide-ranging venues across America, wowing audiences with their unparalleled skills and dedication. They perform on different occasions including corporate events, festivals, and weddings.

Friday’s event was a complete success and we look forward to partnering with Service Champions for their next big corporate event party. If you have any kind of event that requires personalized entertainment, consider hiring Firestorm Talent & Entertainment. We pride ourselves in having some of the most talented actors in the world, and our greatest satisfaction comes from our ability to deliver unique performances for specific events.


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