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Secret Garden Party

After spending such a long winter caged in the house, nothing could be more enjoyable and fun than a secret garden party with friends and relatives. Imagine lawn games, rare circus performances, tranquil surroundings, seasonal foods and the guests lounging in the long-awaited sun. A secret garden party is always a perfect outdoor event for families, companies and private groups.

At Firestorm Talent and Entertainment, we always welcome the opportunity to attend and perform at an event with a secret garden theme since we have endless acts that are tailor-made for these kinds of events. We recently got a chance to perform at a private party with a secret garden theme and as always we made sure the guests enjoyed every bit of it.

Living Human Marble Statues

Everybody at the event was enthralled by our two living marble statues. It was hard to get your eyes off them as they performed various acts at the British garden section. They were dressed in classic costumes and their bodies were painted with marble paint to mimic the statues found in city squares and parks.

Our human marble statues are perfect for a wide range of events including weddings, anniversaries, award ceremonies and private parties. We probably have the most diverse range of living human statues and acts in the U.S. Furthermore, they are always learning new skills and acts, which enable them to improve on their uniqueness.

Living Tree Stilt Walkers

The look on the guests’ faces when our tree stilt walkers came to life was priceless. Those knotted and twisted barks intertwined with moss and twigs of the springtime shoots created some amazing rural tree stilt walkers. These weird characters interacted with the guests, towering directly above the audiences in bespoke tree stilt costumes. They were able to mix humor and conversation, engaging audiences of different age groups and classes in an innovative and unforgettable way.

If you are looking for a unique way to surprise your guests, then a living tree stilt walker is a perfect choice for your event. Our stilt walkers are versatile and have numerous acts to keep your guests entertained.

Dynamic Leopard Contortionist

We wanted to add the “wow” factor to the event and so we offered a talented dynamic contortionist with a leopard costume for the jungle section of the venue. The actor performed many acts including gymnastics on an aerial strap coil. These acts were incredibly infused energetic solo performances intertwined with some extremely innovative choreography to bring out the best show.

All our contortionists are fully trained and highly experienced. They are also well composed, confident and always deliver the best entertainment. Her performance at the secret garden event was enough prove of how tenacity and expertise can be merged to create moving art.

Pop Locking Geisha

To cater to their Japanese guests, the event organizers requested us to incorporate an act that could bring a touch of the Japanese history to their Japanese garden. Like always, our skilled actors were able to present several Japanese arts including classical music, fun games and some pop locking dances.

Professionally trained and carefully nurtured in the Japanese culture, our Geisha actors are ideal for an array of events such as weddings, anniversaries and private parties. They are best known for enabling event organizers highlight the exciting Japanese culture in different events. Each Geisha performance exhibits classic Japanese dance moves and stunning costumes.

All actors showcased lively and remarkable skills with endless jaw-dropping moments. Ultimately, it was an action-packed event that will forever remain vivid in the minds of those present.

At Firestorm Talent & Entertainment, we endeavor to make every event pleasurable and successful. So, if you have an upcoming event that requires performances suitable for a secret garden theme, talk to us right away.


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