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Safety First

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Safety Onsite

the right gear for a long day
safety shoes for event work

Safe, responsible, mindful entertainment, That’s what everyone thinks about when they hire Fire performers, Right?

No! They think,”I want a bad ass fire dancer” “a gorgeous show” a “mind blowing experience!”

What happens behind the scenes should never end up in the field. The customer experience should be seamless, a breeze, a finale worth remembering. Well, we produce that at Firestorm Talent!

But, we would like to share some of our efforts in conservation, and best practices for longevity of some of our equipment and costume options.

Let’s talk about equipment. Our aerial rig gets a complete deep sanding and new rust preventative paint every 6 months to assist with the longevity. It’s also stored indoors in a moisture controlled location. The deep scrubbing takes an entire day, but to us, it’s worth it to do complete equipment checks and make sure our performers using the equipment are secure. When we do a performance, we supply not only the rig, but a rubber wheeled wagon to carry it and foam padding for the feet of the rig to protect the flooring.

For our fire breathers, we require they all come with a fire breathing tarp for the flooring, to protect the surface of vintage or rental floors.

How about LED’s and sustainability? LED’s are by now expected at pretty much any event. What you may not know is they are all powered by batteries. THere are maintenance and disposal requirements for all of those batteries.

We have our own repair team on hand to fix and repair broken LED Segments. Meaning we don’t need to purchase entirely new costumes when a segment breaks down. GOt an electronic costume that needs to be cleaned? We are connected with a specialty cleaning service that can get that sweat out without damaging the fragile electronics.

We dispose of all used batteries every 6 months in the City’s specialty disposal center, rather than in a trash can. We also Salt water our batteries when they expire to prevent explosions in the dumps.

These are just a few examples of simple, mindful things we do to maintain our equipment in the best possible shape. Consistency is key and that matters with safety as well as maintenance.

peace of mind
security at an event


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