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Our Female Dancer Features in New Music Video by Daddy Yankee and Steve Aoki

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

daddy yankee music video hosts all types of humans
Daddy Yankee music video screen shot

Stealing a show where the other actors are Daddy Yankee and Steve Aoki can be quite an uphill task especially for an upcoming dancer, but that’s exactly what our celebrated female dancer did in the just-released Azukita music video by the duo.

performers from music video supplied by Firestorm Talent
performers in Daddy yankee from epic talent agency

In the video, which was released on February 26, our girl can be seen doing a serious dancing battle against Daddy Yankee, and as always she made sure everyone lost the plot at her electrifying dance moves. Many still can’t figure out how she managed to pull off such rousing dance moves.  

Despite her plus size, she always emerges the top dancer when it comes to dance popping, locking and hip hop dance. In the 4-minute long video, this girl makes a lot of bad-ass moves, but her battle dance against Daddy Yankee has left her fans yearning for more.

Although she may not be the most popular dancer in America, this glittering ballerina has been dancing her way to the top as a key member of the distinguished Firestorm Talent & Entertainment team. We have always admired her audacity, dedication and desire to succeed.

She has been part of our team for more than a year now, displaying raw and unique talent every time she hits the dance floor. The fact that she got hired by Daddy Yankee and Steve Aoki, who are among the most celebrated Spanish artists in the world today is enough proof that her special skills and hard work have started to pay off.  We can only expect her to reach even higher places in her quest to become the world’s best dancer.

The electrifying music video, which was shot in the Las Vegas Desert, has triggered quite a buzz on social media, with most fans congratulating the duo for displaying unlimited ingenuity. In less than two weeks after it was posted on YouTube, the video has already recorded close to 1.5 million views.

Likewise, we feel honored to have produced such a talented female dancer to feature in the hit music video, and we therefore want to take the earliest opportunity to congratulate her on this great achievement in her career. We also would like to thank Daddy Yankee and Steve Aoki for giving this girl a chance to showcase her talent to the world.

At Firestorm Talent & Entertainment, we are committed to providing the best forms of entertainment. We have a great team of highly skilled and talented artists to perform in a wide range of events, including corporate events, weddings and parties. We can proudly say that we are among the top in the entertainment industry.


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