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Make Your White Cocktail Parties Successful

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Cocktail Parties are also referred to as cocktail receptions. They are characterized by drinks and appetizers, and their main aim is to socialize, network and keep guests together. In most cases, cocktail parties are followed by the main party. For instance, a wedding reception party may be preceded by cocktail parties. White cocktail parties are characterized by a white theme, including the dress code and the venue’s décor.

Benefits of white cocktail parties

  1. Socialization

One of the main benefits of white cocktails parties is that they offer an opportunity for guests to mingle. Since cocktail parties are arranged an hour or two before the main party, they provide a perfect opportunity for guests to interact. It allows old friends and family members to catch up. And meet new people. This opportunity may not be possible during the main event.

  1. Reduce late comers

Late arrivals are common in any party. Cocktail parties will help reduce late comers by a big margin. This is because cocktail parties prepare the minds of the guests earlier than the main party. If guests ought to be late, then it will be to the cocktail party. When the time for the main party comes, everyone will be available at the party.

  1. Keep things simple and classy

Parties should be classy and white cocktails parties are exactly that. White cocktails events are very refined but simple. However, one shouldn’t confuse simplicity with mediocrity because even though they are simple, these parties are also the best alternative to complex parties.

  1. Variety of food choices

Cocktail parties present the audience with a variety of dishes and drinks. Guests can choose from different drinks and appetizers available. What’s more, guests can have the pleasure of sitting or standing.

What to do to have a wonderful cocktail party

  1. Adequate Space And Seats

Although people have a choice of standing, it is important to have enough seats. White cocktail party organizers should ensure that guests can sit comfortably without feeling congested. This makes it easy for visitors to have room to roam without worrying about spilling drinks on each other. For this to happen, event organizers should ensure they have the right venue for the party.   

  1. Enough food

Food makes every event complete and more exciting. Event organizers should, therefore, ensure their guests are well fed. In fact, there should be more than enough food to avoid embarrassments. So as to achieve this, event organizers should look for professional catering service providers. Fixed food stations will help guests know where to get food easily. This can also bring order in the event, allowing guests to roam, mingle and interact freely.

While eating and socializing are key components of a white cocktail party, they shouldn’t be the only items on the menu. There are other more exciting things that make white cocktail parties successful.

Here are some of the other services that you should incorporate into your white cocktail parties.

gold fire dancer performing with hoop
fire dancer at a house party

our fire dancer producing giant fireballs

Fire dancers

Fire dancers use a set of skills to manipulate fire. Fire dancers use equipment and tools made of wicks that can hold fire for a long period of time. The flame produced by these wicks should be visible enough to be enjoyed by every guest. Fire dancers can breathe and eat fire, or even burn their bodies while the audience is watching. It should be noted, though, that fire dancers take time to practice and perfect the art. If there are kids at the party, it is important to guide them appropriately. As a rule of thumb, no one should manipulate fire without the right experience.

best human living statue in California
body painted human statue

our Statue gets IG love at the Wearable Art Gala with Beyonce

Body-painted contortionist statues

Dancing itself is great. Watching body-painted contortionist statues dancing can be mind-blowing. Such dancing includes extreme bending of various body parts. You may think the actor is going to break a bone during these acts. Due to high intensity training, though, artists know what they need to do to avoid injuries. In fact, they enjoy doing it.

champagne dress for elegant parties
gold champagne dress performer

our strolling champagne dress table girl at black tie event

Girl in the strolling champagne dress

What a better way to spice up an upcoming event other than to have a walking bar? This is exactly what you get from the girls in strolling champagne dresses. These are special dresses that can hold a number of champagne glasses at once. In fact, one dress may hold up to 100 glasses of champagne. There each girl can serve up to 100 guests in a single round. If there are 20 girls with these dresses, 2000 visitors can be served. This makes things easier for both the event organizers and guests because it reduces long queues at the bar. It also gives the party the elegance it deserves.

white party stilt walking angel
white party stilt angel with acrobats

LED stilt walking angel white costume at a cocktail party

LED Stilt Walking Angel will illuminate an event even further. Walking stilt angels entertain guests in various ways. For instance, the angels may dance, create certain shapes or even make daring body moves. They are also very adaptable; therefore it is hard for your guests to be bored. These performers are very effective at night or in dark spaces because of the LED lights. Darkness makes their body movements even more exciting.

There is no doubt that white cocktail parties are among the best ways to entertain your guests. However, it is important to ensure that these parties are well planned. Professional organizers and entertainers can help you make the party even better.

At Firestorm Talent & Entertainment, we are highly experienced in entertaining guests at white cocktail parties. Whether it is fire dancing, champagne strolling dresses or stilt walking, we offer the best service. We have a dedicated team of entertainers that will turn your white cocktail party into an unforgettable event.


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