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Lion King and Dumbo Circus is Coming Out!

If there was ever a time that black excellence came out impeccably, it must have been at this year’s Wearable Art Gala held on 1st June at WACO (Where Art Can Occur) theatre in North Hollywood, California. The star-studded event featured appearances from top American stars like Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Viola Davis, Tina Lawson among others. The event was organized by Tina Lawson, a renowned American fashion designer and businesswoman, in conjunction with the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

Co-founded by Tina Lawson and her husband Richard Lawson, this event aims to help raise funds for the couple’s non-profit art gallery and WACO Theatre Center. Some of the money also goes to the couple’s two mentorship programs – Angels and Warriors.

This was the third annual gala and the theme was, “A Journey to the Pride Lands,” which was inspired by the recently released “Lion King” film – a remake of the 1994 animated Disney film “The Lion King”. It was a spectacular sight to behold as the distinguished attendees strolled in one by one dressed in their sumptuous Afrocentric costumes.

With so many famed guests in attendance, the organizers needed to put on a beautiful show that matched the event’s status. And so, they hired Firestorm Talent and Entertainment – the most trusted entertainment company in America. It was such a great honor and privilege for us to perform in front of America’s crème de la crème particularly from the entertainment industry.

As a reputable entertainment company, we knew we had to rise up to the occasion and make a lasting impression. So, we put our best foot forward. While the celebrities made unique statements with their outstanding attires, our electrifying acts stole the entire show. We came up with a variety of stunning acts that were in line with the overall theme and picked our best performers for the event. Here are some of the amazing acts we managed to present at the 2019 Wearable Art Gala.

Lion Stilt Walker

It was quite exciting to watch our tall stilt walker with the head of “King Lion” walking on stage and interacting with the happy guests. Combining a variety of innovative aerial skills with dances and spectacular costumes, our lion stilt walker was able to create stunning theatrical moves and character-based acts that kept all guests gazing.

Zazoo Aerial Act

The incredible Zazoo aerial performance was the crowd’s favorite as it combined amazing elegance, strength and flexibility. Our Zazoo aerialists left every guest at the Wearable Art Gala in awe. The duo incorporated some magnificent falls down some silk bands. The two then finished with some mesmerizing dances.

Princess Nala Lioness Contortionist

In keeping with the event’s theme, we came up with a beautiful Princess Nala Lioness contortionist who showcased numerous acts that left guests speechless. In her charming attire and Nala-inspired makeup, our contortionist portrayed great physical flexibility. She did much more than trying to imitate the jungle Princess, she surely became the center of attention.

Tall Stilt Walkers

Our super tall stilt walking team was something out of the ordinary. We will be absolutely justified to say the team was the life of the party. Their delightful acts and special interaction with guests will never be forgotten. With a combination of different electrifying circus performances, we did everything possible to make the event a success.

At Firestorm Talent & Entertainment, we have the capacity and the resources needed to bring any event to life. We also strive to theme up each event in accordance with the organizer’s preference. If you have an upcoming event that requires special entertainment ideas, talk to us today. We have a wide range of performers who are highly skilled and experienced.


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