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Ins and Outs of Stilts and Stilt Walking

Stilt walking is one of the most common entertainment acts that have been embraced by many entertainers and companies today. This is an art that dates back to the prehistoric Greece where individuals would use stilts to walk across swampy lands that were difficult to cross. Stilts were also great possessions for the shepherds of the Landes Region of France who used them to watch their flocks graze in vast land. Regions such as Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago have, for many years, been using stilt walking as their main source of entertainment during cultural events.

The Many Uses of Stilts in Today’s Society

In the current entertainment industry, stilts are seen as distinctive and amazing entertainment tools and attractions that can be performed in a variety of special occasions, including private events. Stilts have become a part of the day-to-day acting and a source of income for many people worldwide. What’s more, there are annual stilts walking events performed in many countries, including La Rioja, Spain, and Deventer in the Netherlands, as well as in Namur, Belgium.

In America, stilt walkers generally perform in festivals, street events, corporate events and on holidays.  For fruit farmers in California, aluminum stilts are essential, especially when harvesting or pruning apricot and plum trees.

In many other parts of the world, stilts are being used to repair roofs, installation of high ceilings, as well as washing of high and hard to reach windows in different settings. In the construction sector, stilts are used for hanging ceilings, tiles, painting walls, as well as for dry construction; where an expert uses materials such as plywood and gypsum boards.

It is easy to buy stilts these days thanks to the growing entertainment market. You can purchase stilts as toys for children to improve their stilt walking skills and creativity. And if you are a fan of circus performances, stilt walking is now being taught in dancing schools and recreational facilities.

One core facet that differentiates the art of stilt walking from other entertainment practices is the costumes used and the style of dancing. Some entertainers opt for long trousers and skirts, which blend well with other costumes of choice to cover the stilts.

Basics of Stilt Walking

You cannot just wake up one day and start stilt walking. There is a lot to learn about this art. Furthermore, you cannot just watch stilt walkers and think that you can master the art. You have to learn and practice the different acts. Here are a few things to keep in mind about stilt walking:

  • Know that you are embarking on a new activity and you have to prepare; as it feels like walking for the first time.

  • Your body will react to the task at hand and you have to learn how to balance yourself.

  • Spare enough time for the task as it is not an easy art to practice.

  • Practice with friends as stilt walking is funnier when practiced as a group.

  • Always choose a safe place and one that is away from obstacles.

  • Don’t forget to wear protective headgear and knee pads.

  • Ensure the stilts are strong enough and compact.

  • Keep in mind that your safety should be your first priority.

  • Seek the help of professional stilt walkers.

Stilt waking may seem daunting but you can do it if you are eager to learn and master the art.

Types of Stilt Walkers

There are different types of stilt walkers that you can hire for any event. One thing that classifies stilt walkers is the costume they wear and the character they choose. You should also choose stilt walkers depending on the event at hand. You can have fire dancing stilt walkers, giant bubble acts, as well as juggling stilt walkers.

For instance when you are choosing your stilt walker’s character, you can opt for theme performers such as ninja, pirate, mermaid, princess, fairy, police officer, cowboy, paparazzi and Hawaiian characters among others. If you are into Halloween, you can also opt for or recreate scary monster characters. Four-legged monster stilts can be an amazing choice for Halloween.

Factors to Consider When Hiring Stilt Walkers  

Stilt walkers are unique entertainers that every reputable entertainment company should consider hiring. If you have an upcoming event, consider hiring at least one stilt walker. All you need to do is find a company that offers professional stilt walkers.

There are many entertainment companies offering such entertainment services but not all of them can deliver quality entertainment. That’s why you have to be careful about the person you hire. Below are a few factors to consider when hiring stilt walkers.

  1. The event

Stilt walkers are an excellent entertainment choice for a family fun day event, fundraising occasions, outdoor carnival, weddings and corporate events.

  1. Performance duration

Figure out how long the stilt walkers will be at your event. Inquire with the company of choice before booking.  A good and reputable entertainment company will offer full day packages with breaks, especially for corporate and family fun day events.

  1. Cost

The price of hiring stilt walkers will vary from one company to another. Price will also vary depending on the occasion and time of the year. However, go for a company that offers budget-friendly rates.

In conclusion, you can always make your events lively by incorporating great entertainment ideas like stilt walking. This act is an amazing way to make your guests happy and overjoyed throughout the event. At Firestorm Talent & Entertainment, we offer the best stilt walking services. We have been in this industry long enough to understand the needs of every customer. Therefore, we will customize our stilt walkers to make sure they are in line with the theme of your event.

We have highly qualified and experienced entertainers who will go the extra mile to give you the best stilt walking experience. They also know how to choose the right costumes for every event. If you have an upcoming event in any part of America that requires quality entertainment, talk to us ASAP!


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