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Ins And Outs Of Pool Parties

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

The success and failure of any kind of a party very much depends on the venue. While some people prefer a serene and quiet garden, others may choose to work with a stouter environment. But nothing beats a pool as a venue for a party. Pool parties are the kind of celebrations held on water. Water not only depicts beauty, but also brings a special kind of tranquility and romance that many venues lack. Whether one is holding a birthday or an anniversary party, water provides a wonderful venue.

What makes water parties special?

  1. Water

The first thing that will attract anyone to pool parties is water itself. Swimming or seating on the poolside or any water body is very romantic and relaxing. Celebrating an event or an achievement in water is even more enjoyable.

  1. Adventurous

As opposed to other party venues, pool parties are very adventurous. The fact that water has that fear factor makes it even more exciting and leaves the guests on their toes all through the celebrations. Although it is a pleasant expectation, many guests will be wowed by how performers preform in the water as if it is dry land.

  1. Therapeutic

Beyond celebrations, water parties are therapeutic. It is hard to imagine a water party that is boring. Water parties provide a soothing experience, which is sequentially therapeutic to one’s body.

How to make water parties effective

  1. Plan early

A successful party starts with proper planning as it enables the organizer to anticipate possible challenges and the best solutions. Planning early also makes it easy for you to pick the perfect venue, decide on the ideal number of guests and mobilize the necessary resources required to make the party a success.

  1. Rescue team

Not everyone that will come to your event can swim. It is therefore important to have a rescue team in place to help in case of an emergency. Once a rescue team has been assembled, it is good to test the team. This can give an honest assessment of the team in terms of its effectiveness. In addition, it will give the team a clear picture of what to expect. Such preparations will ultimately go a long way in ensuring the party goes on smoothly.

  1. Food

Food is the gist of any party. Without food, there’s no party. Knowing the type and quantity of food needed is always a plus. Although it’s always difficult to estimate the correct quantity of food required because of the unexpected guests, it is always good to put your estimations on the higher side. From the number that has confirmed attendance; you can add a few more as part of the miscellaneous expenses. It is also good to pick the right caterers and book early.

  1. Entertainment

Pool parties are all about having a good time in the wildest ways. Therefore your pool party will only be complete if you have the right kind of entertainment. There are many ways to entertain your guests at the party. It is good, though, for one to understand the tastes and preferences of the guests that are likely to come. Here are some of the options to be considered.

  1. Aerialist Over Water

Hiring an aerialist over water can spice one’s party a great deal. An aerialist over water artist is an expert that uses his skills, experience and special equipment to perform moves while on top of water. This equipment is mounted on strong hinges to prevent performers from falling. Aerialists over water perform many acts, ranging from simple acrobatic moves to the most daring dances and other performances.  

  1. Cocktail Serving Mermaids

Cocktail time is always one of the most treasured moments by partygoers. In fact, water parties have become even more exciting courtesy of the Cocktail Serving Mermaids. Instead of tasking guests with the responsibility of going for their own drinks, mermaids ensure that everyone gets their favorite drink at their convenience. The good thing is that guests can also interact with the mermaids, thus enhancing socialization.

beautiful mermaid inn san diego
mermaids for your cocktail parties

  1. Contortionist in a bubble on the water surrounded by mermaids

Contortionist is a highly experienced performer who does extreme dancing or muscle flexing. It takes years of hard work for someone to perfect these moves. It is even harder for someone to do it in a bubble on water. Yet, a professional contortionist in a bubble on the water surrounded by mermaids does it all. They have undergone different training sessions to ensure that guests are entertained. Their moves will therefore leave guests with open eyes. Guests can take photos and socialize with the contortionists.

acrobat in a sphere on the water
acrobat in a bubble

  1. Beautiful girls on floating swans

One of the best ways that you can entertain your guests at a water party is to include beautiful girls on floating swans in your entertainment package. This is among the most exciting spectacles at water parties. Beautiful ladies will climb on top of swans and use them to float on water. As the swans are pushed by the waves, the ladies move from one position to another interacting with your guests. This makes the experience delightful and memorable.

But for your water parties to achieve the intended objectives, you have to choose the right entertainers. With so many entertainers in the market, it is very easy to fall prey to the unqualified ones. Therefore you have to do some research on the best entertainment companies available.

At Firestorm Talent & Entertainment, we have been offering wonderful water party services for many years. If you are planning to have your party in the near future, then it is good to consider hiring our professional entertainers. These are experts who can help you execute your water party entertainment plan to the letter. In addition, you’ll get all the services mentioned above. All you need to do is contact us. We are available online.


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