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How To Prepare For Your Upcoming Summer Festival

Make Your Upcoming Summer Festival Count

The much awaited summertime is finally here and the season for music festivals is upon us. These carnivals are a brilliant way to unite people and bring the society together for amusement, art and music. It is also a perfect opportunity for people to relax and enjoy the lovely summer weather.

However, these festivals need proper and careful planning to avoid disappointments and last-minute setbacks. Since most of these fetes are large-scale occasions and can be quite complex, they require meticulous preparations. Therefore, there are several do’s and don’ts that need to be taken into consideration when planning a summer festival.

Event Arrangement

Since summer festivals are extremely popular, they tend to attract lots of attendees. On one hand, this is good news for you as the organizer because it means better returns on investment. But on the other hand, it can be stressful and frustrating. That’s why you have to be sure that the crowd you are inviting to the festival will fit in the space available.

This means that you have to be aware of the venue’s maximum capacity and the various arrangement options you can use to make best use of the available space. You can always hire a professional event stylist to help you with the nitty-gritties of the setup.

Guests and Activities

While summer festivals are attended by folks of all ages, majority of them tend to attract the younger generation like college students especially because the schools are usually closed at this time and people in this age group are always looking for ways to have fun. This therefore means that the activities you choose for your guests must be fun, daring and adventurous.

But you still have to consider attendees of the other age groups. If you are hosting a teenage-focused event such as a rock concert, set up another station where the older attendees can be involved in their favorite activities.

Security and Well-being

The safety of your guests is of paramount importance. Any comprise on safety and security will destroy the whole event. Whether you are hosting a large-scale or small-scale event, hire professional security services from a reliable company.

You also should advise your attendees to be ready for bad weather and other likely eventualities. If the event is happening at night, make sure the place is well lit. Due to emergencies like fire, there has to be a proper evacuation plan in place. You can even have a fully equipped ambulance and a fire extinguisher on standby.

Foods and Drinks

Summer festivals are never complete without special foods and drinks. In some instances, event organizers allow attendees to come with their foods and drinks but in others everything is catered for at the event. Hence it’s important to let your guests know whether you allow drinks and food from outside. Furthermore, crowds at these festivals need to remain hydrated due to the hot temperatures in summer. And when it comes to the use of alcohol, you have to ensure that the crowd doesn’t get too drunk and unruly. Your security personnel have to be on top of things, seeing to it that every situation is handled immediately before it escalates.

If you are the one providing food and drinks, don’t over serve the attendees. Of course most attendees expect to be served with alcohol at a summer festival, but it’s your duty to ensure they don’t have too much. Your bartenders should also be properly trained and certified. This helps to improve the safety of your guests and protect the reputation of your event. But do this without killing the joy of your attendees.

As you plan your festival this summer, you will need to factor in various entertainment options that will keep your guests fully entertained. With this in mind, hire an entertainment company that understands the main objective of your event and your guests’ needs. Fortunately at Firestorm Talent & Entertainment, we make sure we have a wide range of entertainment choices that suit different preferences. Talk to us today for your summer festival entertainment.


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