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Giving Back to the Community

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Every Good-will'd company needs to be able to find ways to give back. Both in the nature of gifting to charities, performing for the elderly, and raising the next generation with a sense of self respect. What are we doing to give back?

happy asians waiting for the event to start
happy chinese at a community themed event

  1. We send in any used costumes that we no longer see a future with back to a thrift store. Contributing to recycling earth assets, and preventing landfill waste. Landfill waste is one of the most preventable types of waste in our opinion. By just being a little more aware one piece at a time, cognisant of what we start with and what our intentions are with it in the end, we can reduce waste and waste production. Purchasing only as needed benefits resources by ensuring they are there for even longer.

  1. A new generation of children get to participate in performing arts with the masters. At Firestorm Talent and Entertainment, we partnered with a parkour and acrobatic training facility (Firestorm Freerunning) to benefit the next set of students. As part of their final rank up within the gym, the student must perform their skill sets at a public event. We can assist with providing access to public events where professional performers work alongside them, to give them the sense of joy and accomplishment that comes when being a part of a final performance.

  1. Social work via performances at Elderly Residences. We work with living residences and city events to produce amazing performances. At residences, the residents' lives can become monotonous so we do our best to bring color, joy and a little bit of the circus wonder you get when you go to a Cirque Du Soleil show.

We are Super happy to be a part of the growth of our community. Through all the joy we love to bring, this may be just the thing some communities need to give their young or stationary a boost into the arts world, or passion for performing.

rainbow ribbins
community ribbons make the world round


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