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Fire Dancing Tools- Everything You Need To Know

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

best fire dancer twirling on the beach in san diego
fire dancer at the beach

There are many fire dancing tools that you should be aware of if you like the art of fire dancing. Fire performance involves manipulation of fire and involves skills such as fire breathing, fire eating and use of many fire manipulation tools. This practice has evolved over the years and many people practice this art worldwide these days. These fire performance tools include:

Fire poi

Fire poi is a common fire performance apparatus that is used in poi performance. Poi involves swinging a poi. Dancers usually use poi with contrasting and bright colors to improve aesthetics as well as give emphasis to patterns. Other poi performance tools also include tails to bring out visual effects while dancing.

A fire poi uses wicks or other flame resistant material on its heavy ends. The wicks made from kevlar are soaked in fuel either alcohol or paraffin and set on fire to bring out a dynamic effect when spun. Most of the available fire poi are lightweight, have a twisted link and come with heat-resistant stainless steel connectors to protect performers against burns.

Fire Hoop

Fire hooping is an interesting art. It is even more fun if you have the right tools. A fire hoop is an amazing tool used by many fire performers in the world. It is made up of a hoop which entails one to six bars glowing on the outer side of the fire apparatus. The spokes are covered with cotton and wicks which a fire performer can light up when dancing.

This equipment is designed in a way that the hooper does not get burned when using the fire apparatus. With many people learning how to use fire hoops, this fire performance tool comes in varied designs. Today, you can get lightweight hoops with even smaller diameter tubing and with flexible wick spokes.

Fire hoopers should amass vast information on fire safety before using fire hoops. Nowadays, you can purchase LED hoops from local dealers. These are fire hoops which come with a translucent hoop with several LEDs installed inside the tube. Fire hoops are also associated with breakdancing and belly-dancing, and also helps improve cardiovascular health.

Fire Fan

A fire fan is another common tool used in fire performances and dancing. This fan is usually made of kevlar wielding and welded metal. There are different types of fire fans in the market and the most common ones are used for varied purposes. There are fire fans for belly dancing where a performer typically moves the fire fan slowly, with the hip and arm dance movement marching the art of belly dancing.

Tech spinners can also use fire fans in their performance. These performers use techniques that are similar to those used in poi performance. A fire performer uses faster spinning and complex tricks using the fan.  Known types of fire fans include rope wick, torch wick, collapsible, as well as LED fans, which use LED lights in place of wicks.

Fire sword

A fire sword is a fire dancing tool that has been coated with a certain easy-to-burn fuel which is then set on fire to offer magical performances during fire shows. Some of these performances include sword swallowing and fire eating among others arts. When using a fire sword, the performer should be cautious to avoid any likely fire burns that can be quite painful. Fire swords are commonly used in TV shows to depict certain characters, as well as for entertainment purposes.

Fire Whip

Fire whips are stunning fire performance tools made from Kevlar and provide great artistic performances by creating huge fireballs when they are cracked. A fire whip is a great addition to any fire show and they are guaranteed to grab the attention of audiences and leave them entertained.

Fire whips should only be used by experienced whip crackers and fire dancing entertainers. They can be dangerous if used by teens who don’t know how to whip crack. A fire whip comes with intertwined aramid fiber designed to make a bullwhip. They also come with a metal handle. The whip should be cracked by an expert to create huge flames of fire.

Fire slackline

Performing fire dances on a slackline is not easy. You have to understand how a fire slackline works and how to use it. If you have never stepped onto a slackline, you should know the art involves a lot of practice. You have to know and practice how to balance, sit and walk on a fire slackline. With a fire slackline, you have to set the Kevlar wick on fire and make sure that the wick is not springy. You can start with a short fire slackline especially if you are new to the art. All you need is to keep fire safety measures into consideration and also practice extensively on how to slackline.

Fire Cyr wheel

Also known as the roue cyr, simple wheel or mono wheel, fire cyr wheel is an acrobatic tool that is made up of a single large ring designed in steel or aluminum and used during fire performances.  It is easy to use the fire cyr wheel. The performer has to stand inside the wheel and clutch its rim. The cyr wheel will roll and spin freely in different directions while the artist performs acrobatic moves inside the spinning wheel.

The modern cyr wheel used by many fire dancers is made up of a single ring and does not have handles. A performer can opt for smaller fire cyr wheels which spin faster and are suitable for smaller indoor spaces. One can also opt for larger wheels that are more agile and offer more space for suspensions while dancing.

Polynesian fire dance

One of the most common fire dance practices in many countries is the Polynesian fire dance. The dance was traditionally practiced during warrior rituals, in harvest seasons and during wars between the Pacific region tribes that include New Zealand, Samoa, Tahiti and Hawaii.

Polynesian fire dance performers take part in the dance as a group or alone. Due to the intensity of the flames, the dance is performed in rhythmic moves and rotations, and with great agility. Alcohol is commonly used during these performances and once the towels are lit, burns may occur if a dancer is not keen and agile as required.

Fire dancing space requirement

If you want to organize a fire performance show, one thing that you have to be mindful of is the available space. With adequate space, the audience and fire dance performers will feel safe. The minimum space required for a solo fire show can be 10 x 10ft or 12 x 12ft. For large shows, fire dancers will need 18 x 18 ft as a minimum.

Best ground for fire dancing

Depending on the type of fire dance you require, it is wise to consider the kind of ground to host the show. Flat surfaces are highly commended because they reduce the risk of injuries.

Fire safety

Whenever you are out there entertaining audiences during fire shows, it is wise to have the right fire safety information at your fingertips. With proper fire safety information, it is easy to save lives and avoid burns during performances. For instance, during fire dancing shows, a performer has to counter-check fire dancing tools before using them. You also have to know what to wear during performances, know the right fuel to use in your performance and mind the safety of others in attendance. Lastly, have the right first aid kit for burns and know all the flammable locations during indoor shows. With the right fire safety information at your disposal, you will have fun and be able to deliver quality performance with disasters.


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