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Different Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

They say there is only one happiness in this life, “to love and be loved”. While every day offers an opportunity for people to show and express love to their loved ones, most people are always looking forward to Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on 14th February, hoping to give and receive presents from their soulmates as a way of saying “I Love You”.

Be that as it may, there are many conflicting viewpoints on the origin of the Valentine’s Day despite its popularity. Some people say it originated in Ancient Rome during the feast of Lupercalia, where Roman men sacrificed animals and used their hides to whip women as a way of improving their fertility. Others say it was observed by Christians as a day for remembering saints in the middle ages.

It’s origin notwithstanding, Valentine’s Day continues to gain popularity around the world, with reputable organizations coming up with different ways of cashing in on the festivities. Some create products targeting lovers while others hold big events that bring couples together. Without a doubt, the day has become a major event in many people’s lives.

From offering chocolate boxes to sending love letters and bouquets of flowers, there are a handful of ways that people make this day count in their love lives. But the new generations are slowly breaking away from these conventional ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day. They are finding new and better ways of making the day fun and memorable. Instead of sending your loved one another bouquet of pink roses and a Valentine’s card, why don’t you do something different this time and make the day special for him or her? Here are three unique ideas that you can try this Valentine’s Day.

Contortionist shooting bow and arrow into a heart-shaped target

As you enjoy your Valentine’s Day dinner, some cool and romantic songs go a long way in creating the perfect ambience for the occasion. However, you can decide to take the fun to a whole new level by incorporating different unique performances by professional actors such as contortionists into your entertainment menu.

A perfect example is a highly experienced contortionist who can shoot a bow and an arrow into a heart-shaped target from different positions and in different styles. In fact, there are numerous beliefs associated with this act. Many people believe that when the arrow strikes the heart-shaped target it will cause a person to fall in love.

Therefore, it will be a perfect chance for you and your soulmate to exchange vows and promise each other to remain loyal. It is also a great opportunity for the two of you to have fun and find moments to reminisce for the rest of your lives. And if you are a business person looking to entertain your guests on valentine’s Day, then a contortionist is a great idea to incorporate into your entertainment schedule for that day.

Aerial silks lovers

For many years, acrobats have remained some of the most sought-after entertainers in the world mainly due to their ability to capture a large audience and fit in almost any event. Some of the most popular acrobats are the aerial silk performers. These entertainers show their strength and agility by hanging from special fabrics and performing many exciting acts.

If you are planning to host a special event on Valentine’s Day, aerial silks lovers will be a great entertainment option for your guests. Since this is a day to celebrate love, your guests will need performances that they can relate to as they exchange romantic words. The aerial silks lovers’ performances can be customized to suit your guests’ preferences.

It can also include a love story that is told through different acts, leaving your guests fully entertained. Moreover, there are many ways in which your guests can interact with the performers throughout the performance.

Little Person Cupid

Just like its name suggests, the little person cupid performance is a great form of entertainment for lovers. Cupid is said to have been an ancient Roman god of desire and love. With this kind of act on Valentine’s day, every couple will be compelled to let their desires and love for each other known.

This role is performed by a little boy or girl with large wings and a bow and arrows. The cupid’s main duty is to bring two people together to begin a romantic relationship. Therefore, this act perfectly fits into any Valentine’s Day theme.

If you are an event organizer preparing to host a Valentine’s Day party or a couple looking for entertainers for your Valentine’s Day dinner, you should consider getting at least one of the abovementioned performances if not all of them. The good news is that you can get all of these performances from Firestorm Talent & Entertainment.

We have a wide range of experienced entertainers whose only desire is to leave every guest at your party fully entertained. Every professional artist we have in our talent pool is ready for this Valentine’s Day.


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