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Best Black Tie Gold Themed Party

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

It is always a great idea for an employer to reward their employees. One amazing way to do so is by treating them with an unforgettable employee awards party. Hosting such a party is not an easy undertaking but the payoff is worth it. A lavish employee awards party will not only boost the morale of your employees, but also give them an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

For you to succeed in holding such a party, you have to seek help from a reputable entertainment company like Firestorm Talent & Entertainment. Recently, we had the privilege of entertaining guests at an employee awards party in San Diego. We made sure that the party, which was held at the client’s office, was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all the guests.

As we prepared for this event, we made sure that everyone involved in the planning clearly understood the main objective of the party. Basically, we knew that the event was not just about having fun, but also creating time for the client to interact and share ideas with the employees and reward them for their labor. So, we made certain that all our performances were aligned with these objectives.

As entertainers, we know that each and every company, be it small or big, has its values, traditions, and policies. Therefore we ensured that our acts reflected the values of the client. Luckily for us we have a wide range of entertainment acts that can suit any kind of event. For this black-tie gold themed party, we offered many exciting performances, including a lollipop pole, a body painted contortionist statue, and a strolling champagne dress with both champagne and Martin Ellis apple cider.

lolipop performer smiles at the guests
lolipop pole performer in orange county

professional gold body painted contortion statue at a gala

It was a great delight for the guests to watch our body painted contortionist statue with some killer performance moves. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her gold suit that constantly delighted guests as they walked past a “statue” to find out it was a real person. Then there was that moment of silence occasionally interrupted by cheers and hand claps as our beautiful lollipop pole female dancer displayed her dancing prowess. In fact, this was the main highlight of the whole event. Finally, our strolling champagne dress offered a perfect way to add style and fun to the way the drinks were served. It brought the wow-factor to the event, allowing our bartender to carry dozens of champagne glasses at once.

To tell you the truth, it is not always easy to host a successful black tie gold themed party for employees, but at Firestorm Talent &Entertainment, we can save you the hassle. We have what it takes to make your event a success and bring fun experience to your guests. Our services are amazing and wondrous. We offer a wide range of event entertainment services, including stilt walkers, fire breathers and eaters, lollipop pole dancers, and many others. You can contact us if you need event entertainers within San Diego and any other part of America.


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