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Becoming an Aerialist

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

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beautiful aerialist

Until recently, to become an aerialist, one had to be born into an acrobatic family, chase acrobats around, or attend classes in a far training institution. But things have changed quite significantly nowadays thanks to the aerial training classes that have become readily available to ordinary people. Anyone willing to become a professional aerialist can easily find a place to do their training.

Being a successful aerialist requires certain skills that can only be acquired through training and practice. That’s why one has to attend the right training institution. Other than being an acrobat, this type of circus requires also requires mental and physical fitness. Without adequate training, therefore, one is likely to make mistakes that can lead to serious injuries and poor performances.

Other requirements include:

Strong Character

Character is everything to a professional aerialist. Aerial training is intense, long and exhausting. Only strong characters survive in such drills. One’s attitude is literally tested to the limits. One has to be willing to accept mistakes from time to time without feeling intimidated or inept. In addition, one must be willing to ask questions about everything, even the ones that don’t seem to matter during real-life performances.

Hard Work

Each career is challenging, but being an aerialist very tasking and demanding. One will need to work harder in order to get to the top. Some people have trained for years, and yet they are not in a position to offer the best performance. As a matter of fact, aerialists are required to practice and work out unceasingly so as to maintain the highest level of flexibility and agility and be able to execute the moves flawlessly.


A true professional knows that he needs others to thrive. For you to succeed as an aerialist, you need to embrace teamwork, both as a trainee and professional performer. An aerialist instructor always encourages trainees to work as one. Although one needs to focus on individual strength and talent, in most cases aerialists have to work as a team. This helps to identify weaknesses, strengths and failures.

Personal Inspiration

Beyond anything else, one needs to be self-inspired. Each person has something he can do without expecting much in return. It’s therefore important for one to be absolutely sure that they truly want to become an aerialist. They shouldn’t be motivated by money and the hype surrounding it. One should join this career as a way of following their passion. That way, they will do everything necessary to ensure they succeed. In addition, they will be willing to endure all the hardships that come with it.

Benefits of Circus Training

Although circus training is mostly practiced as a career, there are many benefits that accompany it. Here are some of them.

Physical Benefits

Juggling with balls, diabolo, catching skills and plate spinning have a lot of physical benefits. For instance, these skills help in eye coordination, depth perception, brain function, ambidexterity, peripheral vision and focus.

Emotional Benefits


An aerialist is satisfied when he makes other people happy. This satisfaction is very good in boosting one’s self-esteem. Knowing that you can do something that makes people happy makes you feel special. As a result, you will have the confidence to continue doing what you do.

Persistence And Perseverance

Perfection is not an easy thing in this industry, and yet it’s the most critical requirement. One may fail several times before succeeding, but that shouldn’t discourage you to continue. In fact, the patience and perseverance required for one to succeed in this industry can also impact one’s day-to-day life. It helps you to learn to be patient and persevering when handling matters that put you under physical and emotional pressure.

Making Friends

As noted before, this is an industry that is dependent on teamwork. Even as people train together, there’s a big possibility of making new friends. And aside from the social benefits, this training also offers some professional benefits. For instance, friends that have the same goals and objectives can help each other develop professionally. In addition, such friends can help one get connections to business contracts and new clients.

Academic Improvements

Since training requires one to be focused, many students will most likely improve academically. This is because their concentration levels will improve in and out of class. With improved focus, one’s brain can easily absorb more knowledge faster and for a prolonged period of time. What’s more, your memory will improve.

Who Can Be An Aerialist?

There have been rumors and misconceptions that an aerialist has to have a certain type of body and possess some extraordinary acrobatic skills. Other people believe that an arialist has to be a woman. But nothing could be further from the truth. This is a professional career where everyone is welcome to join as long as they have the will to try and are physically fit. There are no boundaries to being an aerialist.

Circus training involves vigorous training that can help one lose weight. In addition, there are many effective diets that one can take in order to shed off excess body weight and maintain the right size and shape for the training.

Many may wonder how a short person can join the club. The answer is simple; there are various levels of circus training that different performers can join depending on their abilities. Beginners can start with the basic training, which allows them to familiarize themselves with the profession. The lessons in this level suit anyone. Once you have graduated into another stage, you can try new and more challenging acts.

Getting the best training means you train with the best. Unqualified trainers will only produce mediocre or less average aerialists. If you would like to become a celebrated professional performer, try our Orange County training center. Apart from having a lot of experience in circus training, trainers in this centre will guide you through every critical step and ensure you become the best. Remember, you train with the best to become the best!


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