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A Unique Act Traveling through Space and Time

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

projection mapping as a performer
projection mapping show

People would always say, “Think outside of the box.” But come to think of it, what if there is no box? What if that box is analogous to the universe? People used to believe that our universe has a definite and fixed space. However in the 1920s, astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe was not static, rather it was expanding.

 Looking for an act that surpasses and crashes out our “boxed” mentality? We have just the right act for you that combines technology and man’s kinesthetics into an act immersed in full wonder through the use of customized computer art with a projector and a dancer. Kicking off a flawless and inspiring journey, with a lighting play showcasing different stories which will move anyone watching. A journey unwrapping itself right in front of your eyes. A live projection mapping a performance with the only limitation: man’s imagination. Traveling through space and time within the blink an eye into a realm of animation with perfect symmetry, timing and balance has never been easy.

If there is an ever growing universe the same thing happens to man’s brainpower. Should you stop that “thinking outside of the box”? Let us assist you to transcend it.


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