Welcome to Firestorm Talent

Congratulations and thank you for becoming part of our family! We look forward to working hard to let you live your dream of being a career performer.

Please read and check off each of the following statements. Doing this means that you accept these terms and understand that if you do not abide by them, we can terminate all future work with you. Although we would never want it to come to this, these terms are in place to protect both Firestorm Talent and Entertainment (FTE) , as well as you as a performer.

These are really here to provide a list of expectations and to help you understand how we run our business and what we need and expect from our performers to continue to provide the level of support we promise our clients. 

Performer Terms and Conditions

Client Clause


I will not accept offers of additional work from clients that I work with through FTE. I will always refer these clients I've worked with to continue to work through FTE for ALL future events. I understand that if FTE finds out I've been working with clients directly after an FTE event, FTE has the right remove me from the roster immediately, and will no longer work with me in the future.

This is because we are not asking you to sign an exclusive contract, so you can maintain your own client base but you have to respect the efforts we are making to bring you work through our own client base. Asking you to honor this loyalty clause is the ONLY way for FTE to continue to grow and earn commission and it's the best way for your brand to continue to develop. If you accept an offer on your own to the client for less or for terms not consistent to what we represent (such as the need for overtime, making sure your rider needs are met, payment for additional services, etc.) then we not only lose the business of earning the commission we would have made to sell you but we also risk the reputation of our company by demonstrating you are not worth what we had originally pitched you at. All in all, the higher we pitch you, the better it is for your business and ours, so let's commit to coming out as winners together!  

Communication Clause


I will not discuss any issues of my performance with the client directly. I will always report to the client that everything is great and notify my FTE Point-of-Contact IMMEDIATELY if there are any concerns. FTE has the right to discontinue working with me immediately if I do not honor this clause.

The client is paying for an experience and we do not want to inflict any unwanted stress on the client.  Your FTE Point-of-Contact has the relationship with the client and the resources to resolve any situation so please let your FTE Point-of-Contact handle any issues that may arise. By going directly to the client about any concerns, you run the risk of damaging FTE's reputation, any future business with that client and your own reputation. We can guarantee that this will not happen on our end if you let us handle any situation that may arise. We're here to make your life MUCH easier, so please let us! 

Timeliness Clause


I agree that I will arrive no later than my contracted and scheduled arrival time. The Client gets a reduced rate in the event talent is late. I understand that my payment will be reduced by the amount FTE loses in the event I am late to my call time.

Stuff happens! I will notify my FTE Point-of-Contact listed in the Statement-of-Work if I am running late or if an emergency occurs. I will make my best efforts to alert my FTE Point-of-Contact immediately upon a delay of arrival time.

Arrival Time Clause


I will always need to arrive in the building, not parking, at least 45minutes before my scheduled performance start time. I will text my FTE Point-of-Contact as soon as I arrive to the event, just for a record in case there is a discrepancy between you and the client on the arrival time after the event.

Professionalism Clause


I will not consume alcohol before or during my performance. I will also not eat event food unless the client offers it to me. (FTE will always guarantee meals, breaks and/or snacks for you for events longer than (2) hours.) I will also NOT put out a jar for 'Tips' unless it was approved by an FTE member beforehand, nor will I have any promotional material of my personal entertainment services as I am paid to represent FTE while I work on these events. I will arrive wearing all black business casual attire or in costume as agreed upon per event. No jeans, sweats, tank tops, etc.

Overtime Clause


If I am asked to work overtime, I will be paid the rate negotiated upon via FTE. I understand that it is my decision to work overtime, or not, and I don't need to if I don't want to but I have the ability to earn the extra money if I decide to. If I decide to work overtime, I MUST LET MY POINT-OF-CONTACT KNOW IMMEDIATELY to notify them of the extension of hours. I will let my Point-of-Contact know how many hours I have worked overtime and the client will be billed the next day.  

No Show Clause


I understand if I do not show up, I will be charged a $250.00 penalty and I will no longer be able to work with FTE in the future. If you have an emergency come up, (such as a family emergency, health issue or Act of God) please provide proper documentation so we can move forward with getting you a replacement and waive this fee.

Insurance Clause


FTE has performer insurance that can insure almost any situation, however, in an unlikely situation of an accident, the client still has the ability to bring all of FTE's subcontractors (you), into the judgment. We highly recommend that you have your own small policy, especially if you work often as a performer, to protect yourself from any situation. We are happy to recommend some great options to you at a low cost.

Costuming & Props Clause


If you are required to wear a costume that is provided to you by FTE, it is your responsibility to return the costuming exactly as we had provided it to you. You are ultimately responsible for the costuming and props once they have been handed over to you and if you lose, damage or break an item, you will be charged and a deduction will come from your pay to cover the costs.

Help Us Promote You!


I will make best efforts to try and take a photo at each event I am booked for and tag @firestormtalent with the hashtag #FirestormTalentEvent or #FirestormTalent

Exclusivity Agreement 


I am not under an exclusive contract with another agency and I am eligible for working independently.

Contract Agreement


I guarantee that I will abide by all of the above terms and if I am found in violation of any of the terms, I will not be paid or receive future work from Firestorm Talent and Entertainment, LLC.

Payment Terms


You will be paid within 5 days upon successful completion of the event, after we've checked in with the event planner and yourself on your performance. Payment will be via PayPal, Venmo, cash or check as agreed upon between you and FTE.

Please upload a completed and signed W-9 here to get you processed into our system and paid in a timely manner.

Add a docutment

Entertainer Cancelation Terms


Once a Call Sheet contract is signed for an event that you are booked on, the entertainer may cancel up to (2) weeks before the event date for a $50.00 Performer Cancellation Fee & Penalty.

If the entertainer cancels on the day of the event, a $250.00 Performer Day-Of Cancellation Fee & Penalty is due to FTE. If an Act of God or an emergency occurs keeping you from performing, your FTE Point-of-Contact needs to be notified immediately with proof of emergency in order to waive these fees. If you can find a replacement that fits the needs of the event before contacting the Point-of-Contact, the fees will also be waived.

Basically, we want our performers to make the most money possible, and also do not want to be screwed over. If you have an emergency or find a better gig, we want to assist you with that. Find a replacement that suits the requirements of the gig you agreed to do, so no one ends up in a panic and everyone wins.

Please initial that you agree to these cancellation terms.

Sign and Accept Terms