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Updated: Oct 26, 2023

How do we at Firestorm Talent and Entertainment find ways to contribute back, while being a part of creating the unique fulfilling events everyone knows and loves? I am very excited to report that we have maintained both a 20% influx of necessary costume materials and an output of 90% of gently used costumes being returned into the cycle via thrifty stores! We have managed this for the last 5 years, and are proud of our record.

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beautiful flower at an ocean themed event

Maintaining the Earth's resources has been HUGE for me personally. Chances are, you’ve heard me mention living forever more than once. The earth is Mine, not just my children’s. Considering the cost that goes into production, dyes, fabrication and carbon created from the items being traveled has always been a high priority. Not just the monetary cost, but the rippling butterfly effect of all the elements put together to create one epic piece. Lighting takes up batteries, which need to be recycled appropriately when consumed. Reusability goes into the construction of each end piece. Elements from old pieces are reused whenever possible.

Producing Unique AND Sustainable Events

Partnering with other vendors to use what they may offer, rather than creating duplicates is another way to conserve our resources. Instead of 7 companies having 7 items. We work with other vendors to provide low cost of storage and share our decor bases. This savings then gets put towards our clients as not everyone needs to purchase each item, and we can all decorate the bases with our individual ideas and styles.

Providing consistent styles for the most common themes with the use of accessories to create unique looks saves on material goods. Organic materials in purchases encourage our sources to be thoughtful about where they come from. We teamed up with many other vendors who also want to solve the riddle, how can we create Unique AND be sustainable. Through this teamwork, we have found a nice balance that does not require us to purchase obscene amount of new product every year. Mixing and matching what we already have and sharing our resources

event provider looking to recycle
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