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Great Gatsby Parties – Various Performances to Enjoy

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

It is always perceived that money brings happiness. That’s not the case, though, at least as it was discovered by F. Scott Fitzgerald, in the novel Great Gatsby Parties. In the illusion novel, Jay Gatsby throws over the top parties with the aim of achieving happiness. His main desire was to get the attention of Daisy, a woman who could bring happiness to his life. None of the guests, though, recognized who he was; many visitors coming up with ridiculous explanations why it was hard to recognize him. In the end, Jay died and most of the friends that used to frequent his parties never came.

In a real world, Great Gatsby Parties bring joy, happiness and completeness. Whether it is wedding parties, bachelors’ parties, get together parties, anniversary parties, birthday parties or other parties, Great Gatsby Parties are ideal. Apart from ensuring that organizers accomplish their missions, these parties also make certain that everyone is satisfied.

Anyone wishing to organize an event in the near future, Gatsby Parties shouldn’t be overlooked. These parties take people back to 1920s when everyone wanted to live the ‘American Dream’. They therefore can bring an ‘American Dream’ alive again. The good thing about these parties is that they are classy, trendy and professional.

To make an event even colorful, Great Gatsby Parties incorporate various professional performances. Some of these performances are: Vintage Jazz/Charleston Swing Dancers, Flapper Stilt Walkers, Gorgeous Cigar Girls, Martini Glass Burlesque, mermaids on a pool and feather fan dancers.

all girls dance team 1920's theme
vintage great gatsby party

Vintage jazz/ Charleston / swing dancers

One of the ways to light up your party is by having dancers make their moves. Gatsby Parties are all about class, vintage movies and music. Vintage Jazz can light up your wedding party with soothing music. Various jazz music collections that have passed the test of time are performed by professional artistes. In addition, Vintage Jazz/ Charleston/ Swing Dancers can make your night unforgettable. Tracing their roots to New York in 1920, swing dancers have perfected the art of swinging. When performing, swing dancers will make the audience feel like swinging, indeed. The good thing about swing dancing is that it’s not restricted to a group of people. Anyone can join the dance and have fun without feeling out of place. This not only enhances happiness, but also social interaction.

Flapper Stilt Walkers

Expertly walking on extremely high costumes, Flapper Stilt Walkers are the icing on the cake in any modern party. Stilt walkers are funny, daring and courageous characters willing to make anyone’s party extremely exquisite.  These experts are willing to risk it all as they walk high on stage and around the guests. The walkers can also interact freely with guests and pose for pictures, making visitors feel valuable, belonging and complete. They are ideal for corporate events, birthday parties and Gatsby Themed Parties.

Gorgeous Cigar Girls

Gorgeous Cigar Girls cannot be overlooked when it comes to Gatsby Parties. Tracing their roots to 1920s, cigar girls are gorgeous, confident, trendy and sociable. These girls can move from one place to another showing their prowess. Anyone in the party can interact freely with them for greater satisfaction. In addition, one can choose to watch them from a distance, but still go home completely entertained.

Glass Martini Burlesque

Glass Martini Burlesque can be a great addition to an already wonderful party. Glass Martini Burlesque brings not only an exquisite and vintage show, but also rolls back the years to 1920s when Great Gatsby Parties first happened. When Burlesque Martini Glass Dancers join the party, the result is wonderful. Simply put, this is an illusion in reality. The good thing is that dancers can always tailor performance acts to suit the audience in attendance. There is no need to feel left out when arranging an all audience party.

great gatsby themed burlesque bowl
champagne bowl burlesque

amazing burlesque fan dancers for great gatsby themed opulence.

Feather Fan Dancers

Although it is not really clear who brought feather dancing, the dance has been performed several times. It is said to begin in 1930s and became very famous in 1940’s. This not only makes it vintage, but legendary as well. Feather Fan Dancers wear only feathers, normally made from ostrich feathers. The dancers dance by manipulating their large feathers. It is not only the expertise with which the dancers exhibit their moves, but also the will to entertain guests that make the performance unforgettable. It is therefore a great experience for anyone who wishes to throw a lavish party.

burlesque show los angeles
best burlesque feather fan dance show

Mermaids on a Pool

Partying is all about experiencing it all. There’s no need to hold anything back. In some cases, one may never experience such a day in their lives again. Mermaids on a pool are by far a great addition to any party. With expertise, experience and class, mermaids can be the difference between happiness and gloom. Mermaids can swim in water in various styles without getting tired. Guests can move closer to the swimming pool and experience a wonderful time. And when all is said and done everyone can go home happy.

Great Gatsby Parties are all about partying and having fun. Although premised on 1920s, the experience has so far been legendary. The good thing about these parties is that there are many choices to be made. One doesn’t have to be stuck with one or two acts. You can have a jam-packed party with loads of entertainment.

If you would like to enjoy wonderful Great Gatsby Parties, it is high time you considered hiring the services from a reputable entertainment company like Firestorm & Talent Entertainment. We provide experienced and skilled performers to light up every party. If you need all of the above experts in one day, we will easily make it happen. The company will not only deliver in time, but also ensure you get exactly what you want. In addition, you’ll be guaranteed of high-quality performances full of pleasant surprises. Above all, you’ll have a moment to remember; not to mention that your visitors will an unforgettable experience. Firestorm & Talent Entertainment is dedicated to every client’s satisfaction.


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